The First Time I Saw You

Storytelling was one of my favorite sessions when I was at Trauma Camp. The facilitator would give us a writing prompt and instructed us to just “let the words flow without censoring or judging them.” This is from one of those classes. The first time I saw you, you barked at me. You were in […]

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Beautiful Subtlety

When I tell people I lived in China, they usually follow up with the question, “What was that like?” How do you sum up two years in another country? You simply can’t reduce a place like China to a one sentence answer. There is so much beautiful subtlety to their culture. There is so much […]

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In the Middle of the Epidemic

I lived in Asia from 2001-2003. Just like in last week’s email/blog post, I lived in a country that didn’t allow missionaries. It’s the same country from last week… the one that we enjoy eating their food off of buffet lines. In my second year there I joined my wife on staff at an International […]

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Searching for a White Face

When I was in college I spent a summer in Asia as a missionary. Five other college students from across Louisiana, plus me and a chaperone, made up our team. If you want the Executive Summary of that experience here it is: Asia changed me more than I changed it. (By the way, I was […]

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All of Myself Together

One of my friends has me doing some deep, internal work right now. It’s harder than anything I’ve done before. That’s probably because I don’t have anything left to hide and, as a result, I’m more willing to be honest with myself. Anyway, he had me make a list of everything I’m afraid of and then […]

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