Hire Me

Hey! Thanks for checking out my website. I don’t know if you found this before or after you’ve interviewed me. Either way, thanks for taking time out of your day to consider me as a candidate for a position within your company! 

Why should I hire you?

I’ve always been told that you hire the person, not the position. If that’s the case, then I feel like I’m a great candidate.

I’m adaptable. I’ve work in Radio, Social Media, the Food/Service Industry, and the Non-Profit sector. I’ve thrived in all of those industries.

I’m resilient. I lost everything when my wife left me. Overnight, I became jobless, homeless, penniless, and single. I survived that and I can survive anything you throw at me in the workplace.

I’m emotionally intelligent. I have taken multiple classes on neuroscience, mindfulness, emotion, and spirituality. I can help dial down tense situations in the workplace as well as resolve conflict.

I’m a people person. I cultivate community wherever I go and I boost morale within any team I’m a part of.

Why are you currently underemployed?

It’s tough starting over. I needed a job with insurance and I needed it ASAP so I jumped on an opening at Whole Foods when the opportunity presented itself. It’s a great company to work for and I would consider staying on with them if this line of work paid me enough to live. I’ve used my current opportunity to lick my wounds, reassess my priorities in life, and settle into a new city.

I read somewhere that over 60% of jobs come through friends of friends. I don’t really know many people in DFW, so I don’t have the rich network of relationships you need when job hunting. That’s great for you, though! It means that you’ve got a great candidate for your opening!

You might be thinking “Whoa. A Transgender person with Major Depression?!”

I get it. That’s a scary sentence, right? I’d have concerns if I was in your shoes.

Maybe you’re worried about how your current employees/customers will feel seeing someone who blurs gender lines. Can we reframe that fear? What if it’s an opportunity? What if this is an opportunity for you and I to work together to humanize a group of people that are normally marginalized and villainized? What if this is the opportunity you’ve been looking for to teach your employees that you’ll accept & value them, no matter how different they are?

Maybe you’re worried that I’ll always be walking around with a sad look on my face. You’ll discover the opposite if you meet with me face-to-face. I’m highly functioning in my depression, so much so that I wasn’t diagnosed with Depression until I was 40. I learned a couple of years ago to turn my focus outward when I’m feeling down and look for people to help. On my worst days, I’m actually a more empathetic coworker!

Also, there are no secrets with me. I don’t have any skeletons in my closet because I don’t have a closet anymore. You know exactly who you’re getting, what you’re getting, and that I’m on the way up. What other candidate can tell you that?

Can I get a copy of your resume to look over?

Of course! Download it here. Also, check out my LinkedIn profile for a more extensive look at my work history.

What about your personality? Have you done any profiles/assessments?

I love personality assessments! Here’s a few of my favorites:



The Catalyst

Strengthsfinder: Includer, Input, Developer, Futuristic

OK. You’ve convinced me to at least talk to you. 

Awesome! I can’t wait to hear from you. Head over to my contact page and fill out the form.