Hi! I’m Dallas. Thanks for taking the time to visit my website. So you want to know about me, eh? I(‘m)…

… Cajun (Bonjour!)

… have four amazing sons

… have been awarded a Level 2 WSET Certificate

… traveled across Thailand using only post-it notes to communicate

… have had a hand in the creation of over 250,000 loaves of bread

… am colorblind. (I can’t tell if a banana is ripe.)

… used to be a pastor/missionary/mindfulness teacher

… play bass & guitar and have recorded a shitty album

… have cracked & broken down a 90 pound wheel of parmigiano reggiano cheese

… lived in China for two years

… worked in Radio for seven years

… am still humbled and grateful when someone reads anything that I write

Things I like:

Mexican candy

Downtempo music

Hot Sauce

Fantasy & Sci Fi Novels

Petting dogs

Sparkling Water

Taking my pants off when I get home



Things I’m not good at:


Anything involving tools

Being confident

Tolerating cold weather